First Aid

Safety brings first aid to the uninjured.

Our range of courses in First Aid is all accredited and includes; first Aid at Work, First Aid Re-qualification, Emergency First Aid at Work and Paediatric First Aid. We can also provide training in-house if required. First Aid Training First aid training prepares you to provide care to both children and adults during times of crisis. However, like many things, if you don't use your skills frequently, they're easy to forget. That's why, when you take our first aid certification classes, the basic steps for performing first aid. This way, you can practice your skills regularly, and keep reminders in the places you might need them most, like in the first aid kit in your car, home, or desk First aid is the first and immediate assistance given to any person suffering from either a minor or serious illness or injury, with care provided to preserve life, prevent the condition from worsening, or to promote recovery.