Seminars & Conferences

If you don't speak up, nothing will ever happen. Be brave, take risks, blame no-one. Opportunity never knocks, it slaps you on the face. Capture people's imagination and you'll capture their hearts and wallets.

What's a conference? Conferences tend to be the largest events vs. smaller workshops and seminars. They can number anywhere between fifty attendees to thousands of attendees. What's a seminar? The difference between a seminar and a workshop is that a seminar tends to be held within one institution or university, and will often a seminar will be a small group of people – say, between five and ten attendees – who come together to focus on a particular issue. 7 Etiquette Rules for Seminars & Conferences Dress Appropriately Arrive on Time (Which Means Early!) Mingle with Others Before it Starts Come Prepared Avoid Eating or Drinking Anything Loud Don’t Have Your Phone Out Save Your Questions for the End